We ship in boxes with an insulated liner and cold packs to ensure your kimchi, pickles, and kraut reach you in peak condition. Slight leaking may occur as fermented foods are living, breathing foods Sidetone: This means that our fermented foods are raw and unpasteurized -- the real deal containing live cultures and good probiotics! Keeping our products cold helps to minimize leakage; we also wrap each container in a tied-up bag. If the lid is bulging upon receipt, please burp the container over the sink to release any CO2. Please refrigerate our fermented foods and pickles upon receipt. 

We ship weekly to minimize packages sitting extra day(s) in transit over the weekend. Orders placed by Monday at 8 AM ET will be ship out that Monday. Orders placed after Monday at 8 AM ET will ship the following week.

We ship to the continental 48 states with UPS ground or USPS priority. The initial shipping quotes are for USPS shipping, please click Show UPS Rates 
for other shipping options. We've found that UPS is cheaper for further distances, but might take ~2 days longer.

In our large box, we can fit 6 tall quart (32oz) containers - OR - 6 medium (24oz) and 6 small (12oz) containers. In our medium box, we can fit 4 tall (32oz) containers - OR - 8 small (12oz) containers.

Order Minimum
We have a $25 order minimum.

Returns Policy

We do not accept returns of food. If your order arrives incorrect or damaged, please contact us so we can make it right. Contact Us with your order number and details about the order.

Happy Eating!