Ramp Kraut

Spring is delicious. Returns next year!

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Our Ramp Kraut, spring 2019 edition is here! Ramps are a wild onion/garlic that only grow in early spring. They has a white bulb and long green leaves; like a cross between spring onions and leeks.  Our ramps are foraged in MD and WV by farmers and customers! While ramps are delicious in many forms, we think sauerkraut is the tastiest way.

Our Spring Ramp Kraut is flavored with  ramps, dill and white pepper. This year's Spring Ramp Kraut has the perfect level of garlicky flavor and the right amount of delicious sour funk. It is a lovely topping to a salad, especially if you add tinned seafood or a creamy lemon dressing. We've also hear it's the perfect pairing for fish. Viva mother nature, spring is delicious.