Pickles + Pregnancy Sour Box

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Since going to the farmers markets in 2012, we've seen it all at the pickle stand. Everyone loves pickles. But you know who really, really loves pickles and fermented foods? Pregnant ladies. Some crave the salt, some crave the probiotics. We're always happy to pack up an extra full container when a pregnant lady puts in her pickle order.

Now, the pickles can come to the pregnant lady! (But, the ice cream is on you.) We'll ship a variety of our pickles, plus sauerkraut, pickled beets and an adorable onesie that is hand screen printed with 'I'm Kind of a Big Dill' and pickle illustration.

We select and hand pack each item in your Pickles + Pregnancy Sour Box, just like at our farmers markets. In the Special Instructions box above, please denote requests for specific product(s) or guidance regarding food preferences.*

Each sour box includes a letter introducing Number 1 Sons + fermented foods with a full list of ingredients and suggestions on how to eat our fermented foods. Here's a full list of the good stuff in The Pickles + Pregnancy Sour Box, total value of $62:

  • 3x Pickles, medium size (1-1/2 lb). During summer cucumber season, we include two cucumber pickles varieties. These pickles can be half sours, full sours or sweet pickles. During winter radish season, we include daikon radish pickles, green beans or Super Sour cucumber pickles.
  • 1x Kraut, small size (3/4 lb). Clean Kraut is our classic kraut standby. We also have 1-3 varieties of rotating seasonal krauts.
  • 1x Beets pickled with Virginia apple cider vinegar, small size (3/4 lb). Our beloved Cider Masala Beets are most often included.
  • 'I'm Kind of a Big Dill' Onesie. Size 12 mo. Designed by The Neighborgoods, this 100% cotton, hand screen printed onesie comes ready to gift in produce basket packaging.
  • Handwritten Gift Note. A pregnancy themed card with a pickles and ice cream design. Your handwritten note on the inside. Type your gift message when checking out under gift wrapping options.

*Please do note if you're buying for a vegan eater that does not eat honey, as we make Honey Habanero pickles. Otherwise, all our products are vegan.