'Pickle Dreamin' Floursack Towel

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These classic kitchen items are something your great-grandmother would recognize. There are a hundred uses for a floursack towel like this. Cleaning, wrapping, carrying, drying, you name it!

Regular housewives would buy flour in 50 lb. sacks. The sacks were a thin, square weave cotton fabric. When they were empty, the bags would be cut open, the edges would be seamed to become a sturdy and useful kitchen cloth.

This is a 24"x26" unbleached 100% cotton floursack towel. It's printed in Portland Oregon with an open 2-color screenprint process. A bit about the artist Joe Wirtheim:

Through posters, we see things iconically. Issues are brought to their basic essence instantly. I wanted to see work that is about reclaiming an American home life—a life that is actively in touch with what we consume and has fun doing it. That is why I made the first VGoT poster prints back in 2007.

I've come to realize that eating fresh foods that we prepare will never go out of style. In fact, I believe it will be a crucial part of our future. My posters speak to a vision for the future that will not simply arrive on its own, but rather is one that we plant today and water and care for through to the next generation. I want Americans to grasp the possibilities of the 21st Century without loosing our identity as practical people.