Kimchi Sampler

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Whether you love kimchi already or ready to have an enthusiastic introduction to kimchi, our kimchi sampler box will enthusiastically introduce you to our varieties of handmade kimchi.

We select and hand pack each item in your Kimchi Sampler, just like at our farmers markets. In the Special Instructions box above, please denote requests for specific product(s) or guidance regarding food preferences.*

Each Kimchi Sampler includes a letter introducing Number 1 Sons + fermented foods with a full list of ingredients and suggestions on how to eat our fermented foods. Here's a full list of the good stuff in the Kimchi Sampler, total value of $42:

  • 1x Sons Kimchi, medium size (1-1/2 lb). Sons Kimchi is our classic kimchi made from napa cabbage and daikon radish with the perfect amount of heat.
  • 1x Kicky Kimchi, small size (3/4 lb). Our Kicky Kimchi is similar to our Sons Kimchi but with fewer greens and much more spice!
  • 1x Seasonal Kimchi, small size (3/4 lb). A seasonal kimchi variety, like Kale-chi or Snow Miso Kimchi.
  • 1x 12-month Kkakdugi, small size (3/4 lb). A very small batch, unique radish kimchi known as Kkakdugi. This batch has been fermenting for over a year and has deliciously sour and complex notes from the long fermentation time. Sour, tropical fruit, spicy and tastes like radish kimchi!
  • 1x non-kimchi pickles, small size (3/4 lb). Our beloved Dilly Daikons or Honey Habanero Daikons are most often included, which are reminiscent of radish varieties of Korean banchan. 

*Please do note if you're buying for a soy-free eater as we seasonally make kimchi with miso (fermented soybeans) OR if you're buying for a vegan eater that does not eat honey as we make Honey Habanero pickles. Otherwise, all our products are vegan, gluten free and soy free.