Femme Fatali

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The Femme Fatali Chili Bear is a single varietal hot sauce made with the Fatali pepper. The yellow Fatali pepper is common to central Africa, originating from the Americas. It has a dangerous level of heat that is felt immediately. The bright, fruity and citrusy flavors sing in the Femme Fatali as there are no other pepper varieties in this hot sauce! Sometimes a Bond Girl works better solo :)

Tasting Notes: Citrus fruit, lemon-lime sweetness, and very spicy similar to a habanero

Heat Level: 3 of 3 chilis, the fatali pepper is HOT!

Peppers: Fatali

Ingredients: Fatali pepper, Sake, Rice Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Xantham Gum (to prevent separation)

Our salt brined hot sauces are lovingly made: Virginia-grown peppers ferment with a salt brine and sake in our barrels. The fermentation process draws out the flavors from each unique variety of pepper. All these layers of flavor are glorious after some time in our barrels -- a 3 month ferment is better than a 3 week ferment time! We then process the fermented chilis for a smooth, easily pourable hot sauce, finished with some vinegar.

Our 2017 peppers came from The Farm at Sunnyside and Barajas Produce. Farmer Casey from the Farm at Sunnyside in Washington, VA spent years in the Peace Corps working in chili loving places and wanted to grow the many varieties of chilis he encounter back to the US. We aim to highlight a few unique varietals in addition to a handful of chili blends.