Dilly Daikon

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Dilly Daikons are our sour winter pickle. When cucumbers aren't as readily availble during the winter months, we source daikon radishes that can locally grow in the cold from Virginia and Maryland farms, like Next Step Produce and The Farm at Sunnyside.

For our Dilly Daikon, we ferment daikon spears in our barrels with dill, garlic and our own pickle spice blend -- the same process used to make our District Dill cucumber pickles. The daikon radish spears remain deliciously crunchy even after fermenting in a barrel for weeks! Some of our farmers market customers now ask us for our pickled daikons during the summer cucumber season!

Add Dilly Daikon to a cheese plate or anywhere that you would normally eat a sour, crunchy cucumber pickle. Like straight out of the jar, in your PJs, in front of the fridge at 2 AM in the morning?! 

Ingredients: Daikons, water, salt, spices, dill, garlic, splash of vinegar

Fermentation time: A few weeks. This is a full sour pickle brimming with good bacteria and probiotics.

Dilly Daikons are vegan, gluten-free and naturally probiotic, brimming with good bacteria.