Aji Dulce Chili Bear

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Our salt brined chili bears are lovingly made: Virginia-grown peppers ferment with salt and sake for a few months in our barrels. We then process the fermented chilis for a smooth hot sauce. Our 2017 peppers came from The Farm at Sunnyside and Barajas Produce. Farmer Casey from the Farm at Sunnyside in Washington, VA spent years in the Peace Corps working in chili loving places and wanted to grow the many varieties of chilis he encounter back to the US. We aim to highlight a few unique varietals in addition to a handful of chili blends. 

The Aji Dulce Chili Bear is a single varietal bear made with the Aji Dulce pepper. The Aji Dulce pepper is similar in size and taste to the fiery habanero, but it lacks any of the heat associated with its well known cousin. This chili is popular throughout Central and South America, prized for its sweetness and bright floral notes. When we get fresh ajis we love chopping them up raw and using them as a garnish.


Tasting Notes: Very Bright and fruit forward. Has the floral essence of a habanero but with none of the spice.

Heat Level: 1 of 3 chilis, the spice on the aji dulce is short and sweet. 

Peppers: Aji Dulce

Ingredients: Aji Dulce, Sake, Rice Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Xantham Gum (to prevent separation)