2018 Full Chili Bear Lineup

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The Chili Bear Full 2018 Lineup includes an assortment of 6 Chili Bear hot sauces in red, orange, and green and a Chili Bear poster!

Our salt brined chili bears are lovingly made with local peppers and local beers. Local-grown peppers ferment with salt and local beer for a few months in our barrels. We then process the fermented chilis for a smooth hot sauce. Our 2018 peppers came from The Farm at Sunnyside, Pleitez Produce and Rainbow Hill Farm. We partnered with a local brewery/distillery for each of our bears. These folks are DC Brau, Atlas Brewery, Green Hat Gin, Right Proper and Pen Druid.

Mean Green
Spice: Medium

Beer: New Columbia Distiller's "Green Hat Original Gin."

Peppers: jalapeno, green habanero, green scorpion, serrano

Tasting notes: Vinegary green sauce. Spicier than your average green sauce! Slightly herbal.

Screechin Peach
Spice: Medium

Beer: Atlas' "Ugly and Stoned" sour gose. 

Peppers: peach habanero, peach sugar rush, orange habanero, peach sugar rush

Tasting notes: fruity + bright! Delicious peach flavors without being sweet.

Red Brau
Spice: Medium Hot

Beer: DC Brau's "The Public" Pale Ale.

Peppers: red habanero, scorpion, red jalaepno, red bell, aji dulce, paper lantern, thai chili, cherry bomb, fresno

Tasting notes: apples from Virginia apple cider vinegar. citrusy, bright, hoppy note from beer!

Hot Chocolate
Spice: Hot

Beer: Right Proper's "Haxan" Porter

Peppers: Jamaican Chocolate, Scorpion

Tasting notes: Jamaican Chocolate Pepper is a habanero pepper with earthy flavor, similar to a Mexican mole. It's hotter than an average habanero pepper! The other pepper is a Scorpion -- one of the hottest pepper varieties out there. This is an earthy, robust hot sauce. Favorite of folks who like the spicy spicy.

Femme Fatali
Spice: Hot

Beer: Pen Druid's "Golden Swan" 

Peppers: Fatalii, lemon drop

Tasting notes: Spicy and sour! Bright and Floral!

Fire Brau

 Beer: DC Brau's "The Public" Pale Ale.

 Peppers: red habanero, scorpion, red jalapeno, scorpion, red jalapeno, paper lantern, thai chili, cherry bomb, fresno

 Tasting notes: Like the Red Brau but Hotter!

Selection may vary depending on inventory!

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    Full Line Up

    Posted by Chris on Apr 8th 2019

    All the flavors I received in my full line up are amazing! Although I was hoping to get one on the toppers pictured on one of the chili bears. It's easy to get too much when pouring right out of the bottle.